WALL ART - How to choose the perfect piece for your home.

Do you have a piece of wall in the house that's looking a bit drab at the moment? Maybe you've started to use a spare bedroom as a lockdown office for example, and need to brighten it up a bit with a 'gallery wall'.

Whether you're doing a total re-decoration job to your living room, or just need an injection of colour to your kitchen decor, a new, carefully selected piece of art could do just the trick.

But with so many great wall art options and sizes for you to choose from, its easy to start feeling overwhelmed with all the pieces of artwork open to you.

So, to help you make that decision, we have put together our 3 top tips that you can use as a rule of thumb to find the perfect wall art.

1- Think about the 'Colour Wheel' to avoid colour clashes

I could go into the whole science of "colour theory", but to keep things brief, one concept that you should remember about colours is that there are some that work brilliantly together, but there are some combinations that not only don’t go, but can completely ruin your wall space without you even realising. To avoid this disastrous outcome, a great tool for you use is a simple colour wheel. This shows you which shades and tones are going to work with one another, and will make choosing the right base colours in your wall art prints a piece of cake.

Use a Colour Wheel to help choose your Wall Art

2- Go Big or Bold or better still, both!

If you really want to create a wow factor in your home, then increasing the scale of your artwork and choosing larger pieces could be the solution that you are looking for. Of course, the bigger you have your wall art printed, the more impact you are going to have in the space, but smaller prints can still 'pop' and create impact. Be bold with your colour choices and try to echo another piece of artwork in the room or another element of your interior decor. Interior designers often place an object in their accent colour on one side of a room and have some oversized wall art featuring the same accent colour on the opposite wall to create balance. Think about bright colours, patterns, and textures. What's the main activity that you do in the room that will dictate mood you want to create. Should it have a frame and what function does the frame perform? Frames also come in various sizes and 'chunkiness'. If the colors of the picture contrast enough with the color of your decor, then maybe you don't need a framed edge at all, in which case you could think about a frameless glossy modern acrylic print for example.

Go 'Big & Bold' when you want to create impact with wall art

3- Be true to yourself - Go with styles YOU like - not what you think others will like.

When you are buying wall art for your home, you need to make sure that you think about the styles that you love. Modern wall art or limited edition prints? Canvas prints or Acrylic Photos- the choice of style and material should match the colours and textures of its surroundings, the design of the room and its wall colors. But above all - you have to like it yourself. After all, it is going to be in your house and you need to enjoy looking at it whenever you pass. We all have different styles that we like. Some people prefer colourful images, some like abstract art and others prefer more realistic wall prints with landscapes and maybe even photographs of actual places. We have a Modern Augmented Reality tool on our own website that allows you to take a picture of the room you'd like to decorate and place any piece of art on the wall digitally for you to preview. In fact, you can even use your smartphone to see what it would look like 'live'! A great way to try before you buy the perfect pieces! You can see it in action in our Virtual Fine Art Gallery

Use our AR technology to preview wall art on your own walls

If you still feel overwhelmed with all the choices and styles, please fell free to give me a bell. Send me a photo of your room, and I'd be happy to offer a free consultation, and make suggestions of pieces that I think will work well. 

Halid@rhubarbandcustard.com or call us on 01753 911 630